Arhaan Khan had a very controversial stay in the Bigg Boss
13 house. He went in a immediately proposed to his girlfriend Rashami Desai for
marriage and the two were having quite a happy time inside when a few weeks ago
Salman opened his true reality. Salman Khan said that he was married before
Rashami and even has a kid with her. This shocked everyone and left Rashami
Desai heartbroken. And now that he is out of the house, he is surrounded by
questions about his past relationships and current stature.

Even his ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa, with whom he
apparently had a live-in relationship, has many questions to ask him. She had
also bravely exposed to SpotboyE, while Arhaan was merrily playing his game
inside the House, that Arhaan’s real name is Mazhar Sheikh. Arhaan’s family has
also been rather dodgy; a lady (who did not identify herself) had picked up his
father’s phone when we had called and defended his ‘Acid phenk dunga’ statement
to Sidharth Shukla.

Talking to, a few minutes ago, Amrita said,
“I have been calling him after he got evicted. He has been cutting my calls.
He is scared of me.”