The current lockdown situation is making a lot of people realize the true meaning of life and the value each of the people have. Same happened with Priyank Sharma who is locked inside his house and has officiated his relationship with his Bigg Boss 11 pal Benafsha Soonawalla. While Priyank Sharma has been pouring his hearts on a picture that Benafsha Soonawalla posted, it is getting labelled as vulgar by an internet troll.

Benafsha Soonwalla and Priyank Sharma

A few hours ago, Benafsha Soonawalla decided to bare all and go nude for her “FaceTime photo shoot.” The 24-year-old posed sensually in front of mirror glass with her hair open. However, the picture didn’t go well with netizens and started trolling her. One of the users wrote, “There is a thin line between vulgarity and glamorous and now you have crossed it. I know it’s your choice but if you wear a bikini obviously it’s cool but this pic looks vulgar, I always see you as a confident woman, and you are, so don’t destroy it.” Take a look at the picture:

Benafsha Soonawalla Nude

After reading this comment, Benasha gave a befitting reply to the hater. Which reads, “There is a thin line between the right mentality and the wrong one, it’s a really thin line so make sure you don’t cross it.”

In a recent interview with Bombay Times, Priyank Sharma opened up about his relationship with Benasha Soonawalla. Priyank was quoted saying, “I had met Ben through common pals. We became good friends and I got to know her better during Bigg Boss. Both of us were single when we entered the house. We felt a strong connection, especially after I re-entered the house post my eviction. We developed feelings for each other, but didn’t want to make any commitment without being sure. Once out in the real world, we spent a lot of time together and realised that we were in love. It has been exactly two-and-a-half years since Ben and I are together. She gives me a sense of completeness and we fit together like missing pieces of a puzzle.”

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