"W" Steals Hearts at NM College's fest

- Gayatri Rao   13-02-2014


Young Armaan Malik stole hearts with his mellifluous voice at Vividh Fest while Raaj Chopra's power packed voice mesmerized women along with the cast of Tarun Madan Chopra's film W.

Director Tarun Madan Chopra, producers SC Sehgal, cast Lezlie Tripathy, Sonal Giani, Raj Singh Arora, Abhey Jit Attri and Danish, writer-composer Daboo Malik, singers Armaan Malik and Apeksha Dandekar were cheered by the youngsters of the college as the grounds echoed to the sound of some amazing music, by composer Daboo Malik.

W the film is about Sandy, Roohi and Manju, three young women trying to make it big in the music world, and even though they go through the most traumatic moments of their lives, they do not let it get in the way of realising their dreams. A tale of triumph of the woman of today, W releases on March 14.