Akshay Kumar Releases New Advertisement Regarding Coronavirus Safety Guidelines; Filmed Amidst Lockdown

As Bollywood has always been a source of great influence and impact, many actors and celebrities are coming up with their on creative ideas t impart information and knowledge about the coronavirus pandemic which seems to have gripped the whole world.

Where some B-town actors are showing their gratitude for the frontline workers and other work forces through their art and other creative ideas, some are generously contributing towards increasing awareness amongst the people.

One such actor who has shown his contribution in the form of an advertisement is actor Akshay Kumar. Spreading awareness about the precautions one must take while heading to work amidst the Coronavirus crisis, Akshay Kumar has come up with an advertisement helmed by R Balki. As the Government has given certain relaxations to the citizens in order to help the economy, the ad is to create awareness among the masses regarding the precautions one must follow while stepping out of the confines of their homes.

Set in the rural area, the advertisement is about a common man (Akshay Kumar) stepping out of his house in order to earn his daily bread, but keeping in mind all the safety guidelines that have  down by the government. During the course of the video, Akshay very informatively imparts the same knowledge to the others.

Talking about the same, R Balki once confirmed to Indian Express that, “This is an ad for the health ministry about our post lockdown responsibilities. We need to get back to work but ensure our safety and those of others. So, at our shoot, we did the same.”