Paras Chhabra and Akanksha Puri were one of the cutest couples out there but couldn’t survive the tide of time. As Paras entered Bigg Boss 13, he found solace in Mahira Sharma and realized that his relationship with Akanksha was just a farce. Akanksha, on the other hand, made sure he was provided with everything but also was deeply hurt by the things Paras Chhabra said. She gave an interview blasting Paras and after coming out Paras also made things very clear. Now, in an interview, Paras has talked about Akanksha Puri even more.

“I don’t know what is wrong with Akanksha Puri. From
September last year (2019), she has been talking about me. Initially, she spoke
good things about me and then she started talking rubbish. Aisa kya hogaya
(suddenly what has happened). In all my interviews I was very clear what I am
going to do inside the Bigg Boss 13 house and she also knew about my
strategies. If I started bonding with someone what was wrong it. If you see the
show, my friendship with Shehnaz was also very nice and no matter we had
differences, I always supported her. I was friends with Sidharth as well, he
also supported me and in a similar way I bonded with Mahira too. You know that
I have been addressing Mahira as my friend in the show, you are still going on
shaming me. You are making comments about my clothes, shoes and it ruined
things for me in front of Salman Khan sir. I ended up speaking to him rudely
when he was not at all at fault. I had clearly told during Weekend ka Vaar that
if the allegations that were put on me are true I will leave the show right
away and won’t take a single penny. Later, it was clarified that I did not
write any letter to her and did not use payda. She even said that the expensive
shoes that I had purchased from my hard earned money were given to me by her.
What were you trying to show, ke aap mujhe paal rahe the (you were taking care
of my expenses). You are trying to prove it to the world that I don’t have money
aur main aap ke paison par jee raha hoon. I have worked in 7 shows in the last
few years, you are trying to say I have not earned any money from them. I did a
show called Aghori just before entering Bigg Boss 13, I have been working
non-stop after Badho Bahu where I starred in a small role. I did Viighnaharta
Ganesh, Aarambh. I had money in my account especially after I started working
on Badho Bahu,” said Paras.