As the entire world if fighting against the deadly corona virus, gratitude and appreciation for those who are at the frontline is pouring the social media. As almost everything has come to a halt because of the pandemic, people are now being more grateful for what they have.

With more than 3 lakh lives lost across the world, it is our responsibility to show our support and gratitude at this time of need. As positive cases in the country are only increasing, hospital beds and other medical equipments are currently falling short. So what better way to come foreword and show your support if not by contributing for the same factor.

One such celebrity who made a significant contribution for the above said cause is actor Ajay Devgn, who came up and payed for oxygen cylinders, ventilators and other medical equipments at new Dharavi quarantine facility. Revealing about the same in Mumbai Mirror, Kiran Dighavkar, an assistant municipal commissioner of G-North, informed the media that , “We told him we needed oxygen cylinders for all 200 beds and two portable ventilators. He readily agreed to pay for them,”.

According to the portal, Ajay had not only made a contribution with his eponymous films foundation, but earlier on provided ration kits for 700 families in Dharavi. Urging others to provide a helping hand, the ‘Shivaay’ actor shared a tweet that read, “Dharavi is at the epicentre of the Covid19 outbreak. Many citizens supported by MCGM are working tirelessly on the ground through NGOs to provide the needy with ration & hygiene kits. We at ADFF are helping 700 families. I urge you to also donate.”