Coronavirus is now spreading like a wildfire and creating
chaos in the whole wide world. Bill Gates had predicted about the oncoming of a
virus in 2015 and now he has made a prediction about the end as well. Let’s
read on to find out.

While talking to the CNN, Bill Gates suggested that the US needs a complete shut down for next six to ten weeks and also gave the example of China, explaining how they managed to fight this Novel Coronavirus when they went into complete lockdown for six weeks. He said, “The sooner you engage in the shutdown, the easier it is to get to that peak. The parts of the country that aren’t shut down, in late April we’ll start to see the numbers peak there. They’ll still be too high to open up, so you’ll probably have to go another month to really get those numbers down.”

He stressed the importance of the shutdown, just like in
China, and said, “After a six-week period of a shutdown that’s more extreme
than some states in the United States are likely to do, they were able to start
opening up again, and the total number of cases there is very, very small.
We’re entering a tough period where if we do it right, we’ll only have to do it
once for six-ten weeks.”

Bill Gates further mentioned that it would have to be the
whole country and they would have to raise the level of testing drastically. It
was in 2015 that Bill Gates had warned about the possibility of a pandemic. He
had explained, “We can have a virus where people feel well enough to get on a
plane or go to a market.”