Actress Bhumi Pednekar Collaborates With Sri Sri Ravi Shankar To Help COVID-19 Affected People

By Ishita Bansal

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has been a tough call for everyone. With highly increasing cases and deaths around the country, it has become very hard for the government to handle such a spread. Amid such a crisis, actress Bhumi Pednekar has joined hands with the most famous spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who runs The Art of Living Foundation to rescue people from the adverse effects of this pandemic. Doing this good deed has proven that she is not just a wonderful actress but also a socially aware person with a soft heart. Her one and only motive to do so is to help as many people as she can during this adverse situation. 

She has also launched a social media campaign under the name ‘COVID Warrior’ for the same cause. ‘Mission Zindagi’ is an initiative taken by The Art of Living Foundation to provide services for COVID relief. The volunteers serve COVID-19 affected people in many cities throughout the country. Some of the major services include providing hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, food, and the arrangement of ambulances in an emergency situation. 

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said ‘At this juncture, it is pertinent that all of us come together and extend our hand to help restore the physical health, mental health, and vibrancy of our people. Keeping this in view(we are) announcing #MissionZindagi. It will provide a platform to those who are in need of help’.

Adding on to this, Bhumi said ‘India has been going through a critical time as we are battling the worst phase of the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. At this time, it is important for all of us to unite and help each other in this moment of crisis. I’m deeply honored to collaborate with Gurudev and his Art of Living’s #MissionZindagi to bridge the gap between those in need with the relevant resources that can aid and help save lives. Covid Warrior is an initiative that is close to my heart and with Gurudev’s help, we can now help so many more people across the country.