As we all know, the festival of the purest bond is arriving soon. Yes, Raksha Bandhan is on its way and all the girls must be planning something interesting for their brothers if not, then start planning now. But when it comes to boys, we girls are always left with a few numbers of options, either a shirt, t-shirt, belt, etc. And yes again this sounds so boring..!! But no there’s a lot of things which your brother will surely love. So, we have a list of things through which you can surprise your brother.

1. You and your brother share a great and understanding bond together so why not wear it and slay. Yes, these printed t-shirts are really cool and affordable. You can gift this to your brother and he will surely wear it. This idea of twinning with your bro is a unique one.



2. Go for a printed mug with your #hashtags line or a word. He will surely use it daily and this would be his best gift ever. Either get one of your photo printed and a good text. If you are looking forward to an affordable and a cute gift then this is the best option for you.

3. Every sister has a complaint that her brother just removes their expensive rakhis, or doesn’t take care of it. But girls go for these unique rakhis and your brother will take care of it for sure. These metal made rakhi with a unique and interesting style looks the best. With different words like bhai, hero, bhaiya, your brother’s name will be loved by your brother whether younger or elder.

4. Another option which your brother will love the most is a pair of shoes. Boys love shoes a lot, whether sneakers, sports, casual they just LOVE SHOES. So make your brother the happiest on that day and buy him a good pair of shoes. You can purchase two quite similar pairs as well, one for you and one for him.

5. Gift him a good watch. Even if your brother doesn’t wear watches then he’ll surely start carrying it if you will gift him and if he loves watches then what else can be good? Go for a good watch and make your brother happy with this present.

So, I hope this list might have helped you in choosing what to gift your brother this Raksha Bandhan.

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