Sofia Hayat has once again risen back to the news. But this time, it is not for her bold look or her attempt to gain headlines by posting nude pics, leaking her honeymoon pics, etc. Sh had told earlier how her husband Vlad Stanescu had conned her on numerous occasions and even tried getting all her property to his name. Her marriage with Vlad lasted for less than a year.

The actress filed a police complaint against her husband Vlad a few days back stating that he tried to strangulate her. And now the police has confirmed his arrest. They arrested Vlad from a perfume shop in London and he is in jail now.

Sofia Hayat confirmed the news of her husband’s arrest. She said, “Vlad has been arrested, the police caught hold of him a few hours back. I don’t know what’s happening now, but they have informed me that he cannot go back Romania (his home town), or get employment there as he owes the Romanian government money. He’s been arrested in Romania before for violence, and he’s been convicted for that.”

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