Look around yourself you’ll find a lot of people going to the gym. This craze of being fit, maintaining your body shape, and growing muscles is actually a great step towards a healthy nation. People are now much aware and concerned about their health. Everyone should keep a look on their health regularly, should exercise daily, or yoga. As noticed the crowd in the gyms is actually increasing a lot. But everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Doing gym has a number of advantages like-


1. You maintain a proper body shape which is actually a good thing for your health.

2. Extremely slim and weak people change a lot here. They gain muscles, power, and confidence.
3. Excessive body fat which is the worst thing for a human body can be reduced.

4. Our stamina increases which is ultimately good for us.
5. We follow a proper diet which is the most needed thing for our body.
6. We get stronger and fit.

But, dear, apart from all these advantages you should be informed about its disadvantages and the things you should keep in mind. Some of them are:-

1. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is: People get distracted by the others a lot in a gym. If you look around you’ll find a lot of people better than you, with more stamina, more stronger than you. It enforces an individual to do more which is good but he/she should not go beyond their limit. A gym is not a place to get influenced beyond your limit. It will ultimately hamper your body like muscle stretch, bone issues, stiffness, and a hell lot of pain. You should keep in mind your ability to do an exercise. It is highly recommended not to be distracted by others, you’ll have to pay for this to yourself.

2. A gym is a platform where people get addicted very easily. They spend a lot of hours doing workout and shaping their body but this is seriously one of the biggest disadvantages of gymming. Everything, when done in a limit, is good but going beyond limits has its own cons. It affects your heart, so it’s recommended to have a regular heart check when you workout daily. Getting addicted to anything is not good even though it’s exercising or working out.

3. Another disadvantage is that you get yourself bounded inside a big hall with big machines and with a lot of people full of sweat working out. What you miss is the natural air and atmosphere. It’s good to workout outdoor which is actually free of cost rather than only working out in a gym. When you workout outdoor you get Vitamin D, fresh air to breathe and refreshing mood that is good for your health.

4. With so many machines and types of equipment for your work out, full of heavyweight it’s natural to get an injury. Sometimes dis-balance, or fall of equipment, or any other reason it’s common to get an injury in a gym. That injury could last for a small or even sometimes a longer time. So, before joining a gym just keep in mind the pros and cons of it.