National Science Centre(N.S.C.), Delhi {1st }

the nation science centre is setup to keep people updated and for the knowledge of science and the history of science and activities related to science. The first thing hit in my mind is that there are many student present their and I saw many foreigners also.

The fisrt gallery I stepped in was Emerging Technologies and I get the knowlege about revolutionary changes that are taking place in different representative technologies which are Space Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Medical and Biotechnology, Oceanography and Earth Sciences, Agricultural Technology, Material Science, Nanotechnology, Energy and Transportation Technology.This section depicts all the aspects of an emerging scientific world which answers many questions like inventing an important organ like the ‘heart’ in laboratories to be replaced with a damaged one, inventing new methods invention of unbreakable glass and many other interesting ideas.
The Second gallery I stepped in was Fun Science Gallery and this gallery is all about making science fun and telling to people that it’s not a drab so don’t take it as a burden It displays over 113 interactive exhibitions including a 3-D Theatre and a new facility devoted to teaching kids about the scientific world and its uses.The third gallery I stepped in was hall of Nuclear Power Gallery and The purpose of the gallery is to link the facts about Nuclear energy and present the gallery to visitors in an easy and enjoyable way. There are audio visual for visitors and 60 permanent slides depicting various aspect for nuclear energy.
The fourth gallery I stepped in was Human Biology Gallery and the gallery aims to tell us about the human body in all type of aspects life functioning, structural, etc. In the gallery all the myths about human body are cleared. Like genetic changes in future, functions of human body, evolution and Comparing it with other living organisms through colorful diagrams, flow charts. And this gallery is in 2 parts and the 2nd section is all about diseases and their cures. In these galleries the games were installed for educational knowledge and to know the function of human body.


The fifth gallery I stepped in was Information Revolution Gallery and the gallery tell about revolution in computers, digital information, virtual reality, Bluetooth, printing press, different cameras, etc. The gallery tells us about the changes and revolutions that come in digital and virtual world. “A digital Revolution” gallery represent the interactive and interesting things about digital Revolution.The sixth gallery I stepped in was Our Science & Technology Heritage Gallery and this gallery depicts about the evolution in science and growth of art and culture. The science behind zodiac signs, how to calculate time, etc. Then comes the Indus valley civilization and the living of harrapan people like their use of mind for drainage systems, equipments for hunting, sun-dried. Then comes that in 18th century how Indian already got developed in field of science and maths with the knowledge of decimal system, existence of zero “0” iron smelting, coin making and many more things like this. Next comes the architectures in India deccan temple, Taj mahal, wooden craft.



The last gallery I visited was Pre – Historic Life Gallery and this gallery is all about dinosaurs and human evolutions. The gallery if filled with the robotics dinosaurs that moves their body part and their robotic sounds with sometimes are very scary. There are more than 20 dinosaurs in the gallery with some statue of human Ancestor.So after coming out of the galleries you will notice the science everywhere and their history will be recalled in your mind. It was a great, good and healthy knowledge and experience about science and technologies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Credit:- Mohit Arya
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