Oh! Why I have such dry skin? Will I ever be able to get the smooth and flawless skin?
This kind of questions always arises in the mind of many girls around. But no worries, you have this amazing ingredient at your home itself to make you look like a heroine!

Since time immemorial, this one natural ingredient that has been around for years is, honey! Honey has several properties that make it essential product when it comes to skin care. Honey will naturally lock the moisture in your skin, thereby reducing dryness and itching of the skin. With regular usage, it will make your skin go radiant and supple and all the patches of dry and flaky skin will fade away. It contains anti-bacterial properties that will keep the skin infections far from you. Have a look at some of the tips on how to use this ingredient.



Tons of facial scrubs are available in the market but now you can make your own scrub at almost no price!
You will need olive oil, fresh lemon juice, brown sugar and honey. Mix up all the ingredients in a bowl. Apply this paste as a thin layer on your dry skin. This mask will gradually remove dead skin cells and you will get a brighter looking skin.



Combine 2 egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix this well and apply the paste to your face or other dry areas. Leave the mixture on for a good half hour before you rinse it off. Make sure to warm the mixture before applying to easily rub off the dead skin cells.



This natural ingredient acts as a moisturizer too. Just follow these simple steps. Add honey and a few tablespoons of Shea butter (can be whipped or melted). This will become a great moisturizer that can be applied from head to toe.



NO! NO! You don’t have to go to a parlour anymore. Make this super hydrating scrub at your home and enjoy the same benefits.
You will have to get 2 cups of honey; 6tbsp unsweetened grated chocolate, 2 cups of kosher salt and half a cup of grapeseed oil. Firstly combine the honey and the grapeseed oil before stirring in the chocolate. Do not mix water in it and the consistency should be thick and grainy. Now apply over the affected areas of your skin and let it get absorbed before taking bath!

So, try on these above-mentioned tips to get the smooth and supple skin.

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