There has been a recent survey by a Leading News channel which claims that the professions followed up by the Indians are limited to only Doctors, MBA or Engineering. People don’t think beyond this and gets settled in these mainstream professions. What’s shocking is we aren’t aware of these far more brilliant professions out there that pay more and make you party more.

Take a look at these offbeat careers to try your hand at!



Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Where students pay lakhs to become a manager in a corporate organization, you can become a celebrity manager without any degree and moreover, you make way more than MBA passed students! What you are supposed to do is manage a celebrity, take care of their travel plans, schedules, etc and here you go home with around 5 lakh to 10 lakh rupees per month!



Do you have intense fashion sense? Then there is this opportunity for you. A wardrobe stylist or a fashion stylist is basically a consultant who selects clothing for editorials, features, TV advertisement, etc. These stylists earn around 50K- 1.50 lakhs /month.



A platform where people get to show off their excessive wealth and a wedding planner gets a chance to win 10% of the total budget. For example, if a wedding is having a budget of 2cr, a planner takes around 20-25 lakhs.



Sure, the wine lovers would get curious to know more about this profession. Top class hotels who have got their own vineyards or breweries hire these wine tasters. Tasting wines and other drinks too before they get printed in the menu list is the job these tasters must do. But for turning to this profession you have to get a badge or certificate from institutions to make yourself make between 1-2 lakhs/month.



Have a good voice? Submit your voice samples on platforms like Soundcloud or It’s that simple and you would fetch around 1k-5k per hour of your recording session.



Many big clothing brands hire people to perform the role of a personal shopper for their elite clients. The job work includes helping the buyers in purchasing of best and comfortable clothes for them. The payment goes as high as 1 lakh/month.



If you enjoy capturing animals and have the craze for photography then you should definitely go for this profession. Though no formal qualifications required, you need to have good craft skills and the urge to travel. Moreover patience level should be good enough for wildlife photographers because to have a perfect shot, you may have to wait for hours! Depending upon their popularity they can earn around 60K to 1.25 lakhs/month.


So do try your hand in these amazing professions and earn loads of bucks!


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