You become a slightly different person when you are at work. There’s a term called “professionalism” which you follow. There comes a lot of things under this. Following a fixed time schedule, the uniform is not only what professionalism is. It includes some basic activities which you should actually avoid. To maintain your reputation, and to avoid faze you must keep in mind some habits you need to change.


1. Avoid too much of personal calls

Yes, some of you might have a habit of picking up your personal phone calls when you are at work. But you really need to understand that this is not a professional thing. You can revert back to the call in your free time, but attending them in between a conversation, or a meeting is really annoying. Yes, all have a personal life but when at work try to keep aside your personal matters and if it’s urgent you can just go aside and attend the call.


2. Using Social Media

Social media addicts are increasing rapidly. But using social media at work is not a good distraction for you. You can scroll your feed later in free time. This distracts your mind from work and might affect your reputation in the office because of such unprofessional activity.


3. Clicking Selfie

The craze of selfie must not be followed in the office. You will actually hinder your reputation if you do so. You have to impress your boss but these activities will just make depict as a bad employee. Such things can be done later. And the office is not a place to do so when you are at work.


4. Always Late

Always late to work? Getting late for 5-10 minutes actually doesn’t count, but getting late by half an hour and more than too daily is not a professional thing. Many of us use public transport and getting late by 5-10 minutes is not a big deal. But if this is followed every day, then it will surely blink in the eyes of other employees at work. This will affect your reputation so you surely need to change this habit of getting late.


5. Aggressive nature

Don’t react to the things aggressively. You are at your office between so many employees not with your friends and family. If something affected you, be calm and do not respond aggressively to others. This shows your impatient and rude behaviour which will affect your character and position.

6. Don’t be a mess!

Small things are noticed a lot which defines someone’s personality and way of living. You need to carry yourself with a little attention. Like leaving parts of food on your desk, just shredding off your food particle from your hand and not washing them, staring at someone’s lunch etc. Be careful and don’t be a mess among your co-workers.

So guys keep in mind these habits which you should actually not follow when at work. This will affect your status in the office and can call you as unprofessional.

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