There’s a flood of thoughts in every teenager’s mind. They tend to think and observe a lot. This stage of life is the actual growing part of a child where they go through a lot of changes mentally, physically and emotionally. Parents try to handle this phase delicately and even aggressively. After the age of 13-14, both boys and girls change a lot. Let’s spot some lights on the changes you will observe in a teenager.


1. Start getting irritated and angry very frequently

In this phase, a teenager considers himself/herself always correct and hate getting pointed out. They just get irritated even on small issues. And in this anger, they start disrespecting their elders. They should be given proper advice from the parents and teachers. Don’t be aggressive while making them understand, be polite and just talk to them. This is the best therapy for this issue.


2. Mirror becomes their new best friend

Teenagers start caring about their looks and personality. They will just roam in front of the mirror staring themselves, adjusting clothes, combing again and again. You will observe this in your child, whether a girl or a boy.


3. Start getting attracted towards the negative things

Yes, they get into the bad company of friends which make them try out the new things. Abusive language, cigarette, hookah etc. It is not their fault, it’s new for them and they ultimately want to try it again and again. So parents “Be Aware!” Do regular counselling, talk to them, ask them about their friends, teach them the wrong and right things. And don’t be aggressive it will enforce them to try more.


4. It’s a phase when they get attracted towards the opposite sex

Watching films and shows, all the relationship stuff, they don’t care about the age and get into all this. And if you get to know such things, Don’t take a strict action, make them understand that its not for their age. Taking a strict action will encourage them to do more of it.


5. Start getting distracted from studies

Teenagers think a lot, but everything apart from studies. They get involved in the discussion of new things, observing things that they just start hating studying. They get distracted very easily, starts bunking and ignores studies. So, make them realize the importance of studies and be polite with them. They’ll be back to the track.


6. Curiosity About Sex

The word “sex” creates a lot of question in their mind and they want to know about it and discuss it with their friends. They want to have more information about it. So, parents talk to them in your way and teach them, do their counseling. Then sure they will not get distracted by such things.

So, these points might be very relatable but just keep in mind to handle them with care and love not with aggression and strictness.