Do you usually end up being ‘not more than just a friend’ with the individual you are infatuated with? Welcome to the universe of friend-zoned subjects. If somebody treats you like a friend yet gives you the hope that one day you would be something more than friends, you need to know the harsh reality check.


  • ​Don’t be readily available always



Your enthusiasm to be accessible round the clock can be misjudged as desperation. What’s more, it would not be a major surprise to see people taking it for granted.


  • ​Set your limits



There is a thin line between friendship and connection between couples. Ensure that you know where you stand. Additionally, it is similarly essential to make it clear to the other person—regardless of whether you are just friends or something more than that.


  • Don’t fall for emotional manipulation



When you are in love with somebody, it’s really normal to feel emotionally connected to the other individual. Under such conditions, you turn into a simple prey for the emotional manipulator. Make sure to have a check on your feeling before it’s too late.


  • ​Learn to say ‘no’



Keep in mind the intensity of the word ‘no’. When you are infatuated, you would do anything to make your crush happy. Try to be more assertive and say ‘no’ to the nonsensical demands or requests before the other individual begins underestimating you.

  • Avoid isolation



A lot of times, individuals who are friend zoned are frequently secluded from the company of other individuals. They contribute their feelings—love and friendship—on just a single individual and invest their whole time and energy to keep him or her happy. Stay away from such circumstances since one day you would be left with no one.


  • ​Stop being selfless

Do you generally put his or her needs before yours? Even after realizing that you are only a friend, you would successfully do anything to fulfil the emotions and physical need of the other individual. Keep in mind, it’s wise to be a little selfish in love and such selflessness would just influence others to treat you like a doormat.