Another sad news for Game of Thrones fans. Actress Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark on the hit HBO series recently bid farewell to the show.

The actress took to Instagram in order to bid the last goodbye to her loyal army of fans. The post came days after Emilia Clarke’s (who plays Daenerys) emotional farewell message. The cryptic caption which says “#lastwomanstanding” has left the fans in frenzy.



It is common knowledge that the series will air its final season next year on HBO. Fans are not leaving any opportunity or clue to speculate the fate of their beloved characters.


Arya Stark’s journey from being the darling daughter of Ed Stark to the girl who has no name to being the wolf of Winterfell has been nothing less of extraordinary. She is one of the strongest characters of the show and a personal favourite of ours.



Season 8 ended on a major cliffhanger with the Night King obliterating the wall and thereby declaring the ultimate war and no one is safe anymore. Season 9 is certainly the most anticipated season where all the mysteries will finally unravel. While we are devasted to know that this will be the last time we will experience the magical world of Game of Thrones, we absolutely cannot wait for it.

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