The national football team of France, Les Bleus, represented the French nation in the most awaited and prestigious football tournament ever- FIFA World Cup 2018 that took place in Russia.

Though the team went to Russia empty-handed and with eyes full of dreams and hopes, they returned to their homeland earlier on Monday holding the World Cup trophy in their hands and eyes gleaming with joy.


France beat Croatia on 15 July, Sunday with a score of 4-2 to become the world champions. The French team has brought the golden trophy back to their soil after 20 years, France won their last World Cup in 1998. It was an emotional win for the team, but something more than that for their coach Didier Deschamps, who has now become the third man in history to lift the golden trophy as both a player and a coach.

The world champion French team, ‘Les Bleus’ stepped back in their homeland earlier on Monday and received a true ‘heroes welcome’.

Team captain Hugo Lloris and coach Didier Deschamps were the first to emerge out of the plane subsequent to landing, raising the hard-earned beautiful golden trophy to the cheering hordes of fans who had accumulated to welcome them.


The euphoric crowds lined the capital’s primary area, the Champs-Elysées, to welcome the group’s open-top bus. Planes saluted the players and the coach overhead, trailing smoke in French red, white and blue.

France’s triumphant football team then strutted the World Cup before a huge number of fans in Paris.

The group was then honoured with an official gathering by President Emmanuel Macron. Somewhere around 3,000 individuals were welcomed to the presidential gathering, including 1,000 youths from various football clubs around the nation.


President Macron expressed gratitude towards the footballers for “having made us proud”. Afterwards, President Macron and his wife Brigitte joined the players in a version of the French national anthem on the presidential palace steps.

Fans celebrated the win all over France, however, festivities in a few urban areas were likewise defaced by brutality. Police had to fire tear gas as sporadic conflicts broke out in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, and Rouen. People broke into a shop on the Champs-Elysées and stole wine and champagne. Be that as it may, the national mood remained one of joy.

Paris transport organization RATP said that it was commending the achievement of Les Bleus by renaming a few stations after the team members.

They incorporate Victor Hugo Lloris, after the team’s captain and goalkeeper, and Deschamps-Elysées, to pay tribute to the team’s coach.

Macron’s office also reported that the players and their coach would get the nation’s highest accolade – the Légion d’Honneur.