For the individuals who have been born and raised in Indian families are acquainted with the different superstitions being followed. Despite the fact that a large portion of them sound good for nothing and obscure to us, the greater part of them have logical reasons behind them. Our precursors contemplated the complexities of everyday­­ lives and shaped couple of guidelines which later on got transformed into superstitions since Indians indiscriminately follow anything remotely identified with religion.


  • Don’t cut nails after sunset

You more likely have heard these warnings many times from your folks yet did you ever find a persuading solution? Presumably no. In prior times, when there was restricted supply of power, individuals abstained from cutting nails after dusk on account of sterile reasons – one would not know whether the nail particles stall out to the feet and are conveyed inside the rooms.


  • Should take bath after attending a funeral

Sound sufficiently straightforward to be decoded. The body of the expired can be home to any sort of bacteria or contaminations and once the burial service is played out, the diseases spread noticeably all around. Consequently, it is fitting to scrub down not long after in the wake of going to a memorial service to wash off pointless diseases.


  • Hanging Nimbus Mirchi at the entrance


We have been following the ‘Nimbu Mirchi’ custom to maintain a strategic distance from abhorrent vibes and spirits however there is a logical purpose for the superstition. Lemon and chilli, both have insecticidal properties which fend off bugs. As it were, it was an approach to secure the house/shop from creepy crawlies entering.


  • Spirits reside in the peepal tree

A large segment of us know the purpose for this prevalent saying – trees discharge carbon dioxide amid evening. Along these lines, there is no reality in the conviction that peepal tree is possessed by spirits and apparitions, they may panic you amid that time.


  • Women aren’t allowed to go to temples during menstruation

Prior, ladies did not have the comfort of clean napkins and a couple of other torment reliever pills. Temples used to be at a separation and it used to be tedious for them to go there and spend extended periods of time in the customs for the day. Thus ladies were not permitted in the temples with the goal that they could be home and rest. We clearly misjudged the worry of our progenitors.

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