Deepika Padukone is that one name that rules every other heart when we talk about Bollywood. It’s not just her beauty and amazing acting skills that make people love her, it is also her overall personality that takes away people’s heart. But have you ever wondered, what are her rules that she abides by? We all have our own, but reading about your favourite Bollywood celeb can give you some major inspo! And we have brought you the same! Take a look!


About Styling

Deepika stresses on finding your own style, she says, “Just because something is a huge runway trend doesn’t mean you need to wear it. When it comes to style, what works for you is more important than what works as a trend. If you have an LBD that fits well, you could wear the same thing repeatedly, by styling it differently, and still look good.”


Being Yourself

Of course! Isn’t it about finding your own true personality? She added, “Accept yourself for who you are, and don’t always try to ‘fix’ yourself. You have two choices in life—you can either live for yourself or you can make other people happy.”


About Friendships

This is pretty interesting, who doesn’t want to know about her views on this, eh? “I tend to be upfront with my friends and discuss everything with them. Even if we’ve had a tiff or something they’ve done is bothering me about them, I always bring it up with an aim to resolve the issue.”, Deepika said.


Being Hard Working

“I don’t think there is a formula to success. There is no secret tip that I follow or a particular thing that I do, that makes me who I am. But I do know that success has everything to do with working hard and giving it your best shot. What makes me successful is how I approach work—with honesty and focus. If you are passionate about what you do and don’t mind working hard for it, you will eventually get where you want to.” Well, this one mantra is the one that we all can chant!


Living Life

We must have heard, that complaining and not doing anything is just waste of energy and time! Well, Deepu agrees! She says, “I don’t waste my energy on questioning things I don’t have much control over. Being an actor, I can sit and complain about the media scrutiny, being in the public eye, etc, but instead of complaining, I accept things for what they are and move on.”

Well, these are the rules that she lives on but don’t you think that she can teach a few things to us as well? Hell yes!