“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.” – Andrew Murphy

There are people who walk into love as easily as if it is a warm bubble bath, while there are others who have a run-away reflex embedded in them just from the word ‘love’. It’s not that they don’t crave love or don’t want that happily-ever-after dream but they get cold feet when the time comes.

Here are 5 things you should know before dating someone like that:


1. The more they get close to you, the more they push

The closer you get to these people, the more they feel, the more they will push you because they want to have the power of crushing their own heart. Don’t let them do it, hold onto them as tightly as you can as in the end, they want someone who can chase them when they run. They wish to have someone who would stay, someone who is willing to go through it for them.


2. If you are vague about something, they will assume the worst-case scenario

If you are vague about something or are not sure, they will assume the worst. They just want to mentally prepare themselves before anything bad has actually happened, so as to guard their hearts from any hurt.


3. They won’t express as much

They would avoid unnecessary confrontation and they remain especially quiet if they like you. They may think twice before saying ‘I like you’ and may take years to say ‘I love you’. Don’t give up on them. Keep showing your love, no matter what, and they will do the same even if they don’t say so.


4. Pretend air of nonchalance

They make it a point to talk about how a relationship is not the top priority in their life. Even if they feel deeply attracted to the person they are seeing, they put on an air of nonchalance. This to show that they can coolly move on if things didn’t work out (reality might actually be the opposite).


5. When they say they care about you, they really mean it

They would never take back what they say and if they say they care about you. They really, really mean it.

It is not easy to date someone who runs away from the idea of love, but trust us, once you hold onto them, they would become the best lovers you ever had.

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