We’ve all heard eating vegetable and fruit is good for your health. Now, a February 2018’s new research suggests that eating veggies and fruits can help ease depression and other mental illness. They may even put you in a better mood.

Moreover, according to the studies it is discovered that those who eat vegetables and fruits may have lower risks of depressions than compared to those who stick to red meats. The risk of suffering from depression was 11% lower for the veggies than compared to others.

However, the study also makes it clear that there aren’t enough pieces of evidence to show that eating vegetables and fruits doesn’t lead to the lower risks of depression.



Go for the raw

Raw vegetables and fruits may be better for your mental health than the cooked, canned and processed ones and help you to ease the symptoms of depression. According to the study in Frontiers in Psychology, it is published that the people who ate more uncooked veggies had the low level of symptoms of depression.

Following raw fruits and vegetables good for your mental health disorder studies suggested:

Carrots, bananas, apples, dark leafy greens like spinach, grapefruit, lettuce, citrus fruits, fresh berries, cucumber and kiwi.


How much?

Eating eight servings of fruits and vegetable can make you happier and reduces the chances of depression, according to a 2016 Australian Study. The studies also found that the results aren’t instant; won’t happen in overnight or a one day. It requires time and proper diet.

Therefore, the size of serving didn’t define properly in the studies but a standard serving vegetable is about 75 grams which include half cup cooked green or orange veggies or one full cup of green leafy or raw salad veggies and a standard serving for fruits is about 150 grams which include one medium-sized apple, banana, orange or pear or one cup of diced or canned fruits of course no-sugar-added!

As in summers, you can enjoy juicy fruits as well such as watermelon, fresh berries, tomatoes or locally grown fruits.

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