We all love to keep in touch with our special one. We want to be in constant contact with them. We want that all the details should be shared. We tend to spend most of our time glued to the mobile screen so that we can chat with the love of our life. Here are few things which you should avoid while texting as it can ruin your relationship.

Texting rarely or very less:

Texting rarely can be a sign to the other person that you are not interested in them anymore. It can make them feel ignored and left out. One could feel loss of love as well. They could feel that you do not want to invest your time on them anymore.

Annoying and nagging texts:

Annoying and nagging texts are a big NO in one’s relationship. One always welcomes suggestion but don’t get after their life to do something they don’t want to do. Forcing or nagging them can become very annoying and could even lead to breakup or loss of love.

Forwarded messages only:

If one tends to only send forwarded messages, the other person would feel that you have nothing to talk to them. You are simply just sending forwarded messages to maintain contact. This could even result in a psychological belief that the mental frequency does not match anymore.

Sending messages to pick up a fight:

If one sends messages to pick up fights with one’s partner there is a surety that the relationship would soon end. This would give a sense of discomfort, non-interestedness and loss of love. The person would not like to spend time with you or love you the way he or she has loved you earlier.

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