Did you know that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting women? It is one of the leading causes of death among young women, between the ages of 18-35. In order to detect breast cancer at an early stage, you must know everything about it.



In this disease, cancer cells grow abnormally in the tissues of the breast causing lumps, change in the shape of the breast, fluid to come out of the nipple, among other things. It can destroy other tissues and even spread to other parts of the body.

According to studies, these are the most common causes of breast cancer:


  1. Lack of healthy lifestyle

It is extremely important to exercise regularly. Obesity can cause various health-related problems including breast cancer. You don’t have to spend the entire day in gym, mild exercise and a healthy diet can help.



  1. Hereditary

Family history plays an important role. If your mother or sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer, your chances of developing it will also increase.  



  1. Alcohol and smoking

Consumption of alcohol regularly is not only harmful to your liver, but also for your breasts. So is smoking too many cigarettes.



  1. Radiation

Exposure to radiation is bad for your body, especially for your chest



  1. Postmenopausal hormonal therapy

Women who take hormonal medication like estrogen have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. It should either be avoided completely or should be used in lower dosages.



  1. Having a baby at an older age

Giving birth after the age of 30 increases the chance of breast cancer.



You must regularly self-examine your breasts for any change or presence of lumps. If you detect lumps, bulging, change in colour or patchy skin then you must consult a doctor immediately. Do your research and learn more about different stages and treatments. Seek professional help to understand medical terms, preventive measure, side effects, etc.


Help your community by spreading awareness about breast cancer.




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