The cut-offs for Delhi University (DU) were released yesterday, with some reaching as high as 98.75% for B.A. Programme course in Lady Shri Ram likewise, 98.50% for B.A.Economics (Honours) in Shri Ram College of Commerce.
Students from government schools alongside members of activist groups Krantikari Yuva Sangathan (KYS) held a protest to speak out against the discrimination towards the lesser privileged. They believe the DU system tends to favour kids from better socio-economic backgrounds.

Harish Gautam, Delhi State Committee Member of KYS believes the cut off policy is just a means to ensure that higher education remains exclusive to a certain group of people and beyond the reach of government students. According to him, the cut-offs are meant to strengthen the socio-economic separation between the privileged students of public schools who are privy to better resources than students from the government schools.



Experts have pointed to the growing number of applicants and better CBSE result as the cause of higher cut-offs. However, the protestors have stated disagreement with such claims.

The DU cut-offs saw a dive last year due to several boards announcing their result before CBSE abolishing their moderation policy. But the cut-offs this year are not favourable for anyone who scored less than 90% on their boards.



Meanwhile AISA, a student organization, also held a protest against the massive fee hike in several DU colleges. This matter has been in contention for months, seeing Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) along with students marching in protest as well as an evaluation boycott from teachers.

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