A room is not only about swanky fittings, expensive furniture and not even about the beds or curtains. It is a feeling of happiness, joy , contentment and shelter.

Your room is a reflection of your taste and personality, so why not to keep your taste always high? The interior and the color of your walls enhance your mood and expression. It has the power to influence our mood and behavior. Your rooms should be given utmost importance while planning the interior of the house. The shades should be vibrant, classy yet subtle to create a positive impact on your thoughts and mood.

People choose different colors depending on their taste, gender and age. Try not to fall prey to trends as they come and go after every while. Always be confident about your choice of colors and go an extra mile to choose best color combination.

The color of your room should complement the furniture and the interior. I t should be refreshing and pleasing. Always remember that every color has a psychological property. Think about different shades and observe how do they make you feel. Too many shades make a room confusing and messy, rather than pleasing and neat.

Here are some popular colors and their effects on the mood


This color symbolizes power, danger, anger, rush and excitement. It is an intense color with the longest wavelength. Red color attracts people. It creates a strong impact in the house that looks rich and unique.


This color symbolizes nature, cool and calmness. It is an appropriate color for any room. Light green looks lovely, light and simple. It makes you feel relaxed and is also soothing to the eyes. Green also promotes comfort and harmony in the house.


This color symbolizes warmth, sunlight, joy , fun and happiness. This color is best suited for living room and dining room. It is attractive and welcoming . Yellow promotes the feeling of togetherness and belongingness.


This color symbolizes beauty, relaxation ,joy and refreshment. Light shades of blue have a calming effect on the mood. It brings balance and stability. Light blue looks lovely in bed rooms and in the living room.


This color symbolizes purity, serenity, beauty and lightness. White is an evergreen color that can be used anywhere in the house. It often creates a feeling of dullness and blankness but it looks sober and elegant.


This color symbolizes energy, enthusiasm and pleasure. It is regarded as a warm color which can be suitable for kitchen, living room and bedroom. Orange can also be used  for play room or exercise room where you require energy and enthusiasm.






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