Seems like we have finally crossed the line as in a shocking incident at Guwahati’s Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, a pregnant woman was strip searched in order to verify pregnancy by a CISF lady staff.

The incident took place on 24th June, has now come to light, after the woman’s husband tweeted about the manhandling his wife had to go through.

“The lady CISF staff asked my wife to accompany her to a room and forced her to undress. The CISF lady staff also pushed my wife’s abdomen to check pregnancy,” Shivam Sarmah took to twitter to express his anguish.

The pregnant woman was returning from Guwahati to Delhi after having attended her father’s last rituals. The couple, Shivam Sarmah and Doli Goswami, lives in Delhi and had arrived at Guwahati on June 12, after Doli’s father passed away on 11th.

After attending last rituals, the couple had travelled from Guwahati to Delhi by SpiceJet flight SG-169 on June 24.

What makes the incident worse is that the CISF staff lady, rather than getting a medical professional for the examination, pushed her hand against the woman’s abdomen to check the pregnancy herself. Doli is currently 25 weeks pregnant.

According to the reports, Shivam, Doli’s husband, had requested SpiceJet staff for a wheelchair for his wife but was denied, and instead of giving their boarding passes asked for the proof pregnancy.

After the tweet, CISF has taken the matter seriously. The accused cop has now been transferred from screening-duty to training and the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has issued a clarification that the cop was confused over the woman being pregnant.


“CISF woman Sub-Inspector has been transferred from screening duty to training. CISF has expressed regret on the behalf of woman Sub-Inspector to the complainant,” the CISF said in a statement.

The CISF also assured that the matter will be enquired thoroughly.

“CISF has taken cognizance of victim’s complaint and the matter was enquired into. A new Sub-Inspector was deployed for conducting the screening duty,” the CISF added.

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