Oh yes! Our favourite on-screen Couple of our fav show are now married in real life too! The King of the North a.k.a Jon Snow a.k.a Kit Harrington is married to Ygritte a.k.a Rose Leslie, and the two are making our heart melt!!

Kit and Rose started dating each other after their characters met on on screen, since then they have been really good friends and partners, they even bought a house last year.

It was totally a White Wedding and they two kept it traditional. The ceremony took place in a church, no fancy locations, presided over by the priests with all the traditional Scottish kilts,bagpipers and stuff! YES JON SNOW KEPT IT SIMPLE! Take a look:


The Perf. Couple! Aren’t they?


 They look AWWWdorable. 


That’s Love in the air, not snow! phew!


Here comes the bride looking beautiful than ever!


They say the smile is the most beautiful jewel, and Rose knows how to flaunt it!


Happy Ever After? yes!!


Did my heart just melt?


Well, Hello Ser Davos!


Who knew the on-screen sisters look like Divas in real life!


 The girl has no name ( If You Know What We Mean) But we surely want to ask where did she get those specs?


Sansa looks like a total badass!


Night Watchers are always there for their favourite leader, eh?


Are these brothers still standing against’White’Walkers? BTW Gendry looks so handsome! 


Here comes Daenaerys Targaryen with the Queen’s Hand of course!


But wait… where is Dragon and Rhaegal?


A Lannister in Stark’s Wedding? OMG!


Peter Dinklageis slaying this suit!


Get married and then run away in a jeep? Hell yeah!


And ladies, this is what a happy hubby looks like!