Doing your eye makeup is probably the toughest part of your makeup routine, painting your eye shadows where half of us don’t even know how to do it right! And even after that, you feel you have sometimes ‘overdone’ your daily look. Imagine working so hard on your makeup and someone comments, “Are you seeing someone special today?” So. Annoying.

Well, chill out girls! Our Bollywood actresses have given us a new idea where you can keep your boring black eyeliners and those eye shadows aside and have made it completely okay to wear COLOURED EYELINERS. They can solve your problems! Check it out!


1. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

Trust this diva blindly when it comes to fashion! You can always pump things up with a blush toned eyeliner! Simple yet ~pretty~.



2. Shraddha Kapoor

Isn’t Shraddha breaking her girl-next-door personality and looking like a complete trendsetter with this dual tone eyeliner? We love how colours are popping and the strokes are bold! If you need this look, use liquid eyeliners.



3. Kangana Ranaut

There are days when you don’t want to look like you have done ‘makeup’ but you also cannot go with bare eyes, and black feels too much!! Well, then you must go for light brown just what like Kangana opted for.


4. Athiya Shetty


Black may feel like a bold and sometimes too dark especially when you are going for bigger strokes and want to slay the wing eyeliner! Go for grey! Just like Athiya did.


5. Esha Gupta

We can call Esha Gupta, the queen of coloured eyeliners! She not only colours her eyelids but is also not hesitant to colour her lower lash line. She looks absolutely gorgeous in aqua tones. What do you think?



6. Kiara Advani

Okay…Okay..we know its too much work to blend those two contrasting tones but isn’t this look cool? You may opt for this even when you’re going out for brunch with besties! No need to put eye shadow.


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