JK Rowling, the much-loved author of Harry Potter series, is known all over not only for the amazing world of magic she built but also for the kindness she possesses. She is one person who not only notices her fans but also has made their day, their year, their life, by the benevolence she has shown towards them. One such fan is Kashmir’s 12-year-old Kulsum, a student from Haji Public School. Two months ago in April, Rowling left Kulsum speechless by replying to her very simple letter.



In the letter, Kulsum had expressed her wish to meet her someday. The letter was shared by Kulsum’s teacher on Twitter where she proceeded to tag Rowling letting her know about these first generation English learners who were certainly not excepting a reply. But to everyone’s surprise, the ‘Harry Potter’ creator not only replied but also asked for the little girl’s address to “send her something.”




Two months had passed and many had already forgotten about this sweet gesture by the author, Rowling kept her promise and sent amazing gifts not only for Kulsum but her classmates as well!

The author in a big box sent a personalized handwritten note, inscribed book, wands, Hedwig figure, the whole box set and many more Harry Potter merchandise products!

Taking to Twitter, Director of Haji Public School, Sabbah Haji posted photos and videos of the excited students unboxing the items and the sheer joy and happiness on their faces have left others teary-eyed on the micro-blogging site.


JK Rowling also reacted to the videos and the photos. She expressed her happiness over it having reached Kulsum and said “was getting worried”

Of course, this beautiful act of kindness by her reminds us how she dropped off the Forbes billionaires list in 2012 due to the estimated $160 million she donated to charity.

Amazing how the one who created the magical world of Harry Potter brought magic in the life of one more person, isn’t it?