We can’t survive a day without our cell phones. Be it social-media life or the need to click a selfie, a significant number of us are dependent on our phones and we continue checking the gadget always. However, have you at any point thought about how your phone addiction could be secretly destroying your relationship with your loved one?



If you have a compulsive urge of checking your phone while having a conversation even though it’s your comfort zone then this could affect your relationship. Or on the other hand, do you continue answering, sends or messages in between a date with your significant other? All things considered, if your answer is yes, take this as a notice sign. You are physically together however you are really investing the greater part of your energy in the virtual world. Rather than holding a significant discussion, reinforcing your enthusiastic bond and making sweet recollections, you are concentrating on remaining associated with the online world.


You can never go out on a date without declaring it on social media. You invest the energy clicking selfies, posting food pictures or posting updates of ‘check-in’ of where you have met. It is an indication that you are more worried about how the social media sees you. Try to be in their shoes and try to imagine how you would feel if your partner gives careful consideration to a little box then you.


We believe multitasking is something worth being thankful for. Be that as it may, when you are with your life partner, keep every one of those little assignments aside and focus on listening. Rather than simply nodding to what he or she is stating, look, grin truly and discuss things you give it a second thought.


Prior to your phone addiction begins destroying your relationship, try making some guidelines with your companion. For example, you can put your phone on quiet mode during dinner or avoid using it in the room. You can settle a period during the day when you and your partner turn off their phones and invest quality energy with each other.



Select a day, ideally a weekend, when both of you can totally avoid the virtual world. Turn off your telephones, PCs and tablets for a day and perceive how you invest energy in each other’s company without being hindered by these gadgets.


Surprise your partner with a sentimental content when they are occupied in the workplace. Send them your photo or video, talk with them when you have not met them for quite a while. And utilize your phone admirably to bring a smile on your companion’s face and not to give them the motivation to feel ignored.

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