बिन्दी: A dot that beautifies your brow like pearls grace a bride!

Gone are the days when the Bindi was considered as a monopoly right of the vermilion power! With an ever-changing trend, sensational divas from all across the globe prefer wearing a bindi on several occasions. Lately, many icons have been found flaunting their bindi as a style statement.



When we talk about the Indian girls, bindi has even endured the fad image of contemporaries. This Indian fashion accessory has turned into a fashion statement in the West as well. Universally, many young girls could be found sporting the bindi with t-shirts and jeans or perhaps the long skirts, giving it an altogether new compass!


Well! Well! Well!

Bindi not only beautifully fits with the Indian attires; it is damn magical with the western wears too!

Women across the globe are seen wearing bindi with an absolute elegance and panache. Though the styling differs from individual to individual, winning situation comes with the confidence about the choice of Bindi.  And following the trend, Selena Gomez is the popular talk of fashionista town these days. Performance of her new single ‘Come and Get It’ is quaking the Internet with musical bombs. And trust us she’s looking away hotter than ever!


Exotic trendsetters including Julia Roberts, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and many others have been seen stunning this faultless embellishment. Breaking the stereotypical fallacy that Bindi is an exclusive possession of Indians, Priyanka Chopra emerged as a bolster of classy Gomez. Priyanka said, “I think it’s wonderful to see more and more people around the world embracing our culture”.


With the whole lot of update, self-adhesive bindi and stickers are preferred more than the liquid kumkum as the bindi is easier to apply. Apart from a fashion icon, bindi holds a significant cultural and religious value. It is believed that the choice of bindi also reflects your attitude and personality.