While some of us have a habit to read the labels before buying the beauty products, we often come across some of the terms that seemingly look harmless to our common sense but are actually not. Companies play very cleverly when naming the labels which works perfectly to trick us all. Well, we have brought some commonly used names that you find in your beauty labels, you would be surprised to know what they actually mean! Have a careful look:


1. Cruelty Free

This means that the product made was not tested on animals and caused no harm to them whatsoever. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it does not contain any animal product or animal by-product.



2. Active Ingredients


This basically means that the ingredients used in the product are able to affect your skin biologically. You may find them on the top of the ingredient list with the respective percentage used. But before you take figures way too seriously, remember, a higher percentage doesn’t always mean it is more effective. Effectiveness depends on the pH level of acids.



3. Natural

It simply means that the ingredients used are naturally extracted and not synthetically created in labs. Even if the product has five per cent of natural ingredients, companies call the product natural. If the product claims itself 100 per cent natural, know it won’t going to last for more than 3 weeks.



4. Fragrance-Free

This means the product doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances. This is what you should be looking for, ladies! It is good for you as it doesn’t have anything to suppress or mask off the smell of the ingredients in your product.



5. Unscented

Now if you think it is same as ‘Fragrance-Free’, you’re not the only one. We all have fell for it but trust us, it could be more harmful than you ever think. They are basically using Phthalates which are industrial plasticizing agents, what you may find in artificial fragrance or some ‘unscented’ products. Even some poorly labelled products use this by naming it ‘fragrance-free’.



6. Alcohol-Free

There is a huge myth about ‘Alcohol-Free’ labels, you may have seen in your deodorants; that really needs to be busted! We often freak out when we read ‘usage of alcohol’ or anything like that. For this we need to understand types of alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol, is actually good for you while Ethanol alcohol is another type and apparently the most harmful. Ethanol is found in most of our alcoholic beverages and it has a tendency of drying out our skin and hair. Thus, if you buy a product labelled ‘Alcohol-Free’ it is actually ‘Without Ethanol’.