Well trust me, even if it’s not about palmistry, our hands can reveal many facts about us. From extreme pinks to unusually sweaty palms, our hands say a lot about our health. It is believed that hands are every so often the first body part to show signs of ageing but its lot more. Our hands indicate many more subtle and serious clues besides this. Let’s know about it!


Cold hands:

Cold hands are associated with poor circulation of blood across the body and can also be the symptom of low blood pressure or an underactive thyroid. Other than this, cold hands can also be the signal to indicate stress which is usually desirable due to the irregular heartbeat. If you experience tiredness, sudden weight gains or depression, you shall consume a healthy diet consisting of fibre and selenium.



Red palms:

Albeit it’s quite common to see people with red palms, but it’s considered a classic sign of liver damage! Frequent redness of palms is called Palmar Erythema. Doctors are still not successful at knowing the exact cause of PE, but it’s suspected that the redness is due to the changes in hormonal balance or a sign of overactive thyroid.

It is suggested not to consume alcohol and switch to regular exercise. Moreover, liver issues are also related to the paucity of certain essential nutrients so it is often recommended to consume zinc and other nutrient supplements.



Sweaty Palms:

Sweaty palms are a sign of stress or an overactive thyroid due to which the body heats up very quickly. This medical condition is at times quite embarrassing. People often elude shaking hands which can affect their career. But the positive point is that we can cure this medical condition or use antiperspirants. Antiperspirants are clinically safe, non-invasive which are meant to cure hyperhidrosis.



Dry skin:

Dry hands are quite a common problem which irritates a lot. Not necessary, but it can be a sign of an underactive thyroid, deficiency of fatty acids or dehydration. There are some ways to keep your skin hydrated irrespective of the reason. If you’re undergoing dry skin, drink plenty of water and consume a good amount of nuts and fatty acids. Apart from this use a good moisturizer!



Trembling hands:

Shaky hands are actually the hand tremor that affects adults. It is a common neurological condition which causes disruption in the functioning of our brain. When an overactive thyroid speeds up the metabolic activities of a human body, it results in excessive sweating, sleeplessness or anxiety. Well, it can also be an early symptom of Parkinson’s disease. But this medical condition is curable. Physiotherapy and changes in the diet can also aid in treating the trembling hands.