Being a diva has always been a tough profession. With the world at their feet, envision how it must be to have all your demands fulfilled and individuals take a gander at you like you mean everything to them. Troublesome or not, the show must go on and it can’t go ahead without a portion of their requests being met. We bring you, six divas, who have made crazy yet bizarre requests that will stun you.


1. Katrina Kaif

Katrina is quite rigid when it comes to her shots being clicked. She makes sure that she gets clicked by her favourite photographer. She requested the same amid the motion picture shoot of Fitoor. After her film Fitoor, she lost a great amount of weight and needed the motion picture scenes to be re-done, so they had to! Presently, that is a quite serious request!



2. Kareena Kapoor Khan

Bebo has dependably had numerous requests, however, one of them is the way that she won’t play a part with a crisp face. Which essentially implies she just works with the A-rundown on-screen characters and rejects any offer to act with a newcomer!



3. Deepika Padukone

Similarly, Deepika just works with A-listers, indeed, her request got an actor kicked out from a motion picture. When she declined to share the screen space with growing on-screen character Vicky Kaushal, stating that he isn’t a- rundown on-screen actor. This request constrained the directors of the film to toss Vicky out of the film.



4. AishwaryaRaiBacchan

Aishwarya is very difficult to deal with when it comes to travelling. She is known to be an exceptionally nagging traveller! She requests the steward to present to her the assortment of dishes they have so that she can pick the one which is the most engaging visually.



5. Kangana Ranaut

Kangana unquestionably has her arrangement of standards and morals that she takes care of. However, one thing she needs is no questions from the movie producers and needs the entirety of her attempts to deal with by her personal manager while she just gives her last agree to it!



6. Rekha

The Evergreen Bollywood Diva wants flawlessness in her parts, so essentially if the part isn’t impeccable she will dismiss it or leave the film midway. Try not to question that reason she has done it before amid the shooting of Fitoor as she imagined that her look in the film wasn’t up to the mark. The directors were then compelled to re-shoot the film with Tabu.

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