Summer sun can feel so great: the warm climate, excellent skies and the vibe of the sun all over. Be that as it may, with a hotter climate, there can come a fairly unsavoury reaction: expanded skin inflammation all over the body; also known as the acne.

Even though there is an acne burst in summers, but there are ways to control and clear your skin making it acne free.

“Acne-prone skin is just like other skin, it’s a matter of our own microflora misbehaving,” explains Dr Graf.

Normally the oil and dirt on our faces are eaten by the bacteria’s but when there is an excess of oil and dirt along with the lack of pores and the bacteria would overeat and it would create a breakout.

First and foremost is, ‘Always wipe your face after a physical activity’. Generally, sweat and dirt is the main cause for the outbreak so, cleansing your skin properly in the definite intervals of time will help you clear your skin.



What actually causes acne is the sebaceous gland that is present just under the surface of our skin which produces sebum; it is an oily secretion which is meant to keep your skin healthy, meant to keep your skin lubricated and it also helps in releasing dead skin cells.

Most of the people are having oily skin which means more sebum is released from the pores which cause a pimple and the heat or the sun works as a catalyst which intensifies the oil and which in acne prone person simply means breakouts.

Acne is also triggered by wearing athletic gear like helmets and clothing which trap in moisture and promogulated excessive bacterial growth.

Make sure to shower and medicate anti-acne face wash to avoid acne. Avoid high glycemic food as it produces breakouts and removes sugar and starch from your diet to keep your body healthy and your skin acne free.

Let’s talk about summer resolutions you should keep if you suffer from acne? Use your acne medicine every day, and in most cases twice a day. Also, oil blotter sheets are great to carry with you: they can absorb excess oil.

And if you follow all the protocols then you don’t need to worry about acne and have fun!