Vacations are said to give you a break from your monotonous life, put a pause to your 9-5 routine, relax your mind and refresh your soul to go through it all again.

But what do you do when your vacations become monotonous too?

When your plan for a holiday fits into the category of that of a typical touristy vacation, where you spend most of your time in the hotel or visiting just one or two major spots, when your plans lacks trace of even the tiniest bit of adventure, you should know that your ‘planned vacation’ is nothing less than a chore.

To bring back that excitement and enthusiasm we have a suggestion for you, plan a backpacking trip to the place that fascinates you. Yes, it sounds expensive and impossible, but what is life without travelling and a little adventure?



It is only wisely said that “the world is a book, those who don’t travel read only one page”. You don’t have to be blue-blooded or have a pocket full of cash to experience the world, you just need to strap on your rucksack, take whatever amount of money you can afford to spend and go wherever the winds take you. You just need to get one thing straight that there is no price tag on experience.

The most interesting part about backpacking is that you garner a local experience, everything you see, you do is not as a tourist but a traveller. Moreover, backpacking is MUCH CHEAPER than a vacation. You’re not living in any 4-star hotels, not dining in fancy restaurants, you’re walking to places as much as possible, which cuts down costs massively.



Backpacking doesn’t only allow you to explore the world on a budget but also widens your horizon, it is a modern variation to the age-old idea of planning a vacation to explore new places. You learn how to survive on a strict budget. Couchsurfing, travelling by trains, eating Maggi and cooking food yourself to stay within the expenditure you planned is an essential part of backpacking, but it is something that adds adventure to your trip and makes it worthwhile, it is something you’d never get to experience as a ‘Tourist’. It makes up for an ultimate experience that you’ll never forget. Just give it a try and you’ll understand where we’re coming from.

So let your dauntless side win you over and go experience the world like never before.

Pack your rucksacks, your backpacking trip awaits you.