Watches are the most important part of a man’s wardrobe. A man has a lesser choice of accessories than a woman, like cufflinks, wedding bands that’s it. Out of these, the watches can be as expensive and showy as one needs. Moreover, they can be bought to make a collection.
By having all the watches mentioned below, you are ready for the world!


  • A Dress Watch with a Leather Black Strap.

Black leather strap attached to a metal blazed dial is always in trend. Every man attends a number of formal events during his life. These watches make you look masculine by its simple and elegant look. Always make sure that you match your belts and shoes with your watch strap. This classic watch will seriously go with your every outfit. Better to be worn with dark shade outfits.



  • The Diver’s Watch

These watches have high performance units that have a utilitarian design. The look is very rugged and are often large in size. Mostly all the diver’s watch have a stainless steel dial and strap. Needless to say, the diver’s watch is normally water resistant to hundreds of meter deep. Since it is shiny steel in colour, it looks especially beautiful with dark coloured suits.



  • A Rubber Strap Sports Watch

A watch with a different design for a different sport. These watches assist the athlete with the time, temperature, store data, track movement. The straps are always large and thick. Ideally worn with casual outfits. Sports watches are light in weight and are extremely rugged and will survive all terrains.



  • An Everyday Casual Watch

A watch with a nylon and canvas strap with a simple and sober dial. Wear this watch when you are up to some everyday activities such as going for a lunch, mall visits, cleaning home etc. Never go for these watches when wearing a highly formal outfit.



  • A Rose gold Dial Watch Brown Strap

This watch is in trend nowadays. This new colour combo offers you a posh look with highly formal touch. Wear this watch in your parties and casual get-togethers. Making your wrist look so bold, this watch surely deserves a place in your collection.

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