Yoga has been around for a long time and it helps an individual not only physically but mentally as well as spiritually and it helps you to calm your body. There are a lot of health benefits associated with yoga. And recently, International Yoga Day was celebrated which started a trend of health benefits around the world. It helps in burning calories rather than building muscles.



  • Improves Posture

Working for extended periods on a work area won’t just hurt your spine but also influence you to feel tired towards the end of the day. Rehearsing certain yoga asanas could help you in enhancing your stance and furthermore prevent pain in your neck and lower back.



  • Increases flexibility

When was the last time you wished you could without much of a stretch touch your toes while bending forward? All things considered, practising yoga could help you with that. Yoga can help you in expanding your adaptability as well as let you perform complex asanas.



  • Builds muscle strength

Yoga can help in building the weak muscles and it would help in toning the muscles and helps in prevent muscle cramps in your body.



  • Boosts metabolism

Yoga helps in holding the imperativeness in your body alongside keeping it fit. It rouses you towards adhering to a good diet and enhances the metabolic arrangement of the body.



  • Helps in lowering blood sugar

Yoga helps in bringing down glucose as well as brings down terrible cholesterol and lifts great cholesterol. It energizes weight reduction and enhances the body’s affectability to insulin.



  • Increases Blood Flow

The relaxation practices in yoga manage blood to all parts of your body. Activities, for example, handstand, enables venous blood from the lower to some portion of the body to stream back to your heart, where it can be pumped back to the lungs to be oxygenated.



  • Keeping you Disease free

Yoga practices beneficially affect the immune system. It, not just aides in obliterating different infections we discover amid season change, yet in addition, helps boost our immunity to fight against diseases.



  • Improves Lung function

A lot of breathing exercises are said to improve lung function. Doing such exercises in a long run could cure respiratory problems. It also increases the capacity of your lungs.