Five women from a non-profit organization were abducted at gunpoint and gang-raped while they were conducting an awareness campaign in Jharkhand. The women were part of an 11 member team who were performing a street play against human trafficking at RC Mission School, on Tuesday in the afternoon at Kochang near Ranchi when the incident took place.

While the performance was going on, the women were abducted by armed men riding on motorcycles. They were forced to sit inside cars and taken to a secluded area and raped.



Reportedly, the abductors made videos of the women during the incident and threatened them that the video will be made public if they complied with the police.

The perpetrators are believed to be supporters of Pathalgadi – an ancestral framework under which the general population govern themselves as indicated by the clan’s tenets and don’t obey the state’s power. They claim that the Constitution has given them the privilege to hone their own particular frameworks. The name Pathalgadi is identified with the tremendous stone sections recorded with genealogical names that are protected by the villagers. Outsiders, including the police and government authorities, are not permitted in these towns without authorization. Immense stone plaques and billboards — called Pathalgadi in the tribal vernacular — have been set up outside inborn settlements in Khunti, Simdega, Gumla and West Singhbhum locale, cautioning guests from entering or settling down in these towns.


A medical board constituted to examine the victims has confirmed the allegations made against the men and a case has been filed. The nuns that were accompanying the women were released unharmed.

Three separate groups have been constituted to catch the lawbreakers; some of them have been recognized.
A Father related with Kochang RC Church revealed the issue to the police, however, there was no examination. The association, at that point, held up objection with higher specialists, which is when the police took action.

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