Pizza is arguably the most satisfying food to ever exist. The very aroma of a freshly baked pizza is enough to make your eyes roll back in delight and mouth to salivate.

They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but money can most definitely buy you a pizza – what else could one want more in life? It’s the perfect food to binge on and it works for every occasion too!

If you call yourself a “pizza enthusiast” then you will be able to relate to the following:


1. Diet? What’s that…?

Who in their right minds would prefer diet food over pizza? It’s practically a sin.



2. Every occasion calls for a pizza

Are you happy? Let’s order a pizza! Are you sad? Have a pizza! Nothing can cheer you up more than a warm box of deliciousness on your lap.



3. Pizza memes are the best memes

We all have our favourite memes but one thing we can all agree on is that any meme related to pizza automatically becomes the best.



4. People disappoint, Pizza is eternal

You don’t need human interaction when you can always count on pizza to make you feel better! And let’s be real, pizza will probably arrive before any of your friends do.



5. No Wastage!

You would rather die than waste a slice of pizza- or let anyone else waste it! Regardless of whether you’re full and can’t walk if there is a slice left and nobody needs it, you will make a point to eat it.


If this post made you drool all over your laptop/phone then you know that it’s probably time to order a pizza.

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