A person tells a lot of things about himself through his choice of shoes. Good shoes which suit you are always hard to find and it’s difficult sometimes to pair the same shoes with different outfits. So for a good collection, you must see the different shoes mentioned below.


White Sneakers

An absolute essential to any well-dressed man’s wardrobe. White sneakers have a clean look with a classy touch of elegance which combines itself to look great with a lot of your casuals. Wear a black or any dark shade wash jeans with a classy fitted blazer with a light shade T-shirt inside, this combination will look amazing.



Brown Leather Boots

An all-season pair of shoes perfectly goes with all your elevated casual outfits. These shoes give you a manly bold look and manage to give you an all-terrain confidence. Brown is always a preferable colour because it is more geared towards the cooler months and beautifully goes with a wool trouser and washed dark jeans, suited up with a check print shirt.



Derby Dress Shoes

These are the shoes with a sleek profiled round toe. Every man needs at least a black and brown dress shoes in his wardrobe. If you are a formal person you know how to carry them but nowadays these shoes also go with casual jeans and shirt as because of the semi-formal office look trend.



Suede Driving Moccasins


The most comfortable middle ground shoes as they have a velvet sole or a memory sole inside. After some wear and tear these get the shape of your foot and feels like you are wearing a pair of socks. You should take some precautions while owning a pair of moccasins as don’t wear them in the rainy season and make sure they don’t catch dirt.



Running/Gym/Athletic Shoes

As an all-rounder, these shoes help you from the gym to daily routine wearing, the colour recommendation will always be black/white/grey as these colours ensure that shoes complement all your outfits.

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