Soft drinks, even “diet” ones, are BAD for your body. Despite the fact that its consumption is declining in many countries, a large number of individuals still drink soda every day. We know that the sweet and fizzy drink can be hard to resist especially in this blistering heat, but here are 5 reasons why you should probably re-think about your daily consumption of soda:


  1. Weak Teeth


The acid in soda weakens the teeth and gums. The sugar content further decays the tooth enamel. It is a recipe for disaster for your dental hygiene.



  1. Obesity:


According to studies, drinking soda can increase the risk of obesity by 1.6 times. These drinks only contain sugar with no nutrients whatsoever. Soda is just additional calories that your body does not require. It can lead to an excess of fat which is extremely hard to shed.



  1. Weakening of bones


The phosphoric acid utilized as part of the soda breaks down the bones and can lead to “an increased urinary output of calcium”. According to studies, this leads to weakening of bones.



  1. Reproductive Complications:

The soda pop containers and bottles are produced using plastic and metal materials. Consistent utilization of these beverages can affect the reproductive framework. Bisphenol A is a chemical found in plastic bottles and is specifically linked to hormonal issues.



  1. Disturbed Digestive tract:


Shockingly, a lot of the soda companies use tap water which contains germs. The water may even contain lead, making it unfit for human consumption.



Bottom line is, sugary drinks are not good for your health. In case you want to lose weight, lead a long and healthy life with s sharper mind then you should probably avoid soda like the plague!



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