There is always one girl at your workplace who looks absolutely stunning and it even looks like she doesn’t even have to try! You totally admire her but probably shrug things off by saying, “ She is a natural beauty” but it is even surprising when you notice that it’s not her face but the way she ‘carries’ herself makes her look sophisticated and elegant.

You would be happy to know that you don’t have to be ‘brand tag’ or a walking supermodel to look sophisticated every day. There lie minimal yet impactful styling tips that can make you look like you have put an ‘effort’, effortlessly. Ironically tremendous, right?

We have brought you 5 simple tips that you can use every day to look elegant and sophisticated.


  1. Tuck in your shirt and add a belt.

It’s the minimalist thing, but trust us, it would make your look even more defined and you would look elegant. Untucked shirts can look shabby and unprofessional, it can even make you look fat and your hips broader. Tucking in your shirt would highlight your waist and you will look elegant but don’t forget to add a nice belt as, without it, your outfit may look incomplete.



  1. Fold up your jeans or wear ankle lengths


Folding up your jeans if you’re wearing semi formals or wear an ankle length denim if possible. Showing off your ankles can make you look taller and folding up your jeans a bit will look like that you have put effort. It gives an impression that you want to look neat and professional for your workplace and will heighten you up.



  1. Add a scarf to your boring white shirt


We all wear white shirts at our workplace, does that mean we all have to look the same? No. It’s not a school uniform. You don’t have to wear a tie, instead, add a colorful or printed scarf to your boring plain white shirt and roll up your sleeves, you will stand out! If you don’t want to wear a scarf, add a statement piece to your white shirt like junk jewelry but don’t go too blingy! You’re still at work.



  1. Choose the right shoes

We all want to wear something comfortable in our workplace, but that should not sacrifice our style! When it comes to shoes at work, black is not the only option. Try wearing heels, and by that, we don’t mean stilettoes ( we know you want comfort), a pair of nude block heels will not only give you comfort but will also make you taller! You can pair them with anything, be it you palazzos, tights or pencil skirts. Go for open toes, to add more height or semi-formal look.


  1. Dress according to your shape and height

If you know your shape and height then you’re halfway there, if you know you are short, avoid wearing palazzos or pants that have a low rise waist and covers your ankle, it can make you look short. Try wearing skirts that are either above the knee length or are of the ¾ length long, they make you look taller. But if you’re going for ¾ length wear shoes that show off your ankles. Also, understanding your body shape and then dressing accordingly will work a long way.