China forbidding the import of plastic waste from different nations has left the world in a fix. Governments are endeavouring to make sense of an approach to deal with the plastic waste which is as of now heaping up. Researchers have evaluated that by 2030, around 122 million tons of plastic should locate a home. Macros are made of micros and an eco-friendly nation is made of eco-friendly nationals.


  • Replace all your shampoos, soaps and creams with homemade ones

Replacing all the chemically or synthetic shampoos, soaps and creams with the homemade ones as it these shampoos contains a lot of packaging of plastic. Also, the additional benefit of using homemade products would be putting a stop to the contribution of circulation of these products.



  • The government should stop manufacture plastic products

The government should stop the manufacturing of plastic and as individuals, we should stop using it and try to look for alternative methods. For example, buying milk and bread by a local seller rather than in plastic packaging would be a good alternative method.



  • Swapping the synthetic pads for the organic cotton ones

For every woman, sanitary pads are necessary every month so try using biodegradable material rather than a synthetic one that will decompose easily and quickly. Also, women can use a recyclable menstrual cap.



  • Use steel/glass over plastic containers

Rather than using plastic and non-bio degradable containers try using steel containers for re-usage and steel container would not decay and it will keep on going rather than plastic ones which are brittle and easily breaks.



  • Use paper bag instead of plastic bags

Plastic Bags do not decompose in the soil and start to accumulate but paper bags are made up of wood and it can hold heavy things in it. It can be recycled again to make paper bags.

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