The key to surviving summer is drinking water. Dehydration poses the biggest threat during the scorching heat of summer. However, it might be surprising for you to find out what other gross effects not drinking enough water can have on your body.


1. Bad Breath


Bad breath is the most embarrassing thing to have, but brushing your teeth is not always enough. Enzymes are present in the saliva produced by your mouth every day that help you digest your food and also help you clean the bacteria from the tongue and mouth tissues. However, the more dehydrated you are, the less saliva will be produced in your mouth which will lead to bad breath.



2. Sinking and Dry Eyes



Your eye health also depends on how hydrated you are. Some people suffer from dry eye condition wherein their eyes are not able to produce enough water to moisturize the surface of the eye. For people suffering from this condition need to stay hydrated to ensure their condition does not get worse due to lack of drinking enough water. According to studies, dehydration can cause the sinking of eyes back into the head and make them swollen.



3. Dry Tongue


A dry tongue can also be a result of dehydration as not having enough water produces less saliva in the mouth which causes the tongue to dry out and make you uncomfortable. The sensation is very uneasy and makes moving the tongue more difficult.



4.Orange Hue of Urine


Not drinking enough water can cause the colour of your urine to turn to an orange hue. If the urine is a dark shade of orange instead of the regular pale yellow hue, it is an alarming sign of the fact that the amount of water you are consuming is clearly not enough. Urochrome is the reason behind the pale yellow colour and the darker the hue becomes is an indication of how dehydrated a person is.