An autobiography is an account of a person’s life written by that same person. The author of the autobiography narrates his or her life experiences and the journey travelled. Autobiographies are mostly about famous personalities and not about the general people. People tend to take more interest in the life of famous people and that is one of the reasons behind the concept of autobiographies.

Not all autobiographies are good, interesting and enjoyable, only a few of them are able to stand out for the real. Some great authors give us a ride in their extraordinary life.

Here are some of the autobiographies that are worth reading written by great people about their life.


A Long Walk For Freedom By Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s autobiography is one of those which give you immense happiness and satisfaction. It is about how he travelled so far to achieve freedom. He is a true hero and a great inspirational figure. He gives us an insight into his life, starting from his childhood, turning out to be a freedom fighter and his 27 years in prison. A heart-touching book about a great leader for his significant efforts in attaining freedom.



The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank

Diary of a young girl is a very different kind of autobiography. This diary was written by a young Anne Frank during the time when she and her family went into hiding during the World War 2. The diary imprisons the thoughts of a thirteen-year-old girl on loneliness, adolescence, friendship, love, and her academic performances. The diary soon ends after her fifteenth birthday.



The story of my experiments with Truth By Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography is a true and complete account of his 40 years that he spent in India. It contains each and every detail of his life, his family background, politics, fight against the British to attain freedom and his perspective on life. An autobiography that has won hearts of many people should not be missed.


Me: Stoy Of My Life By Katherine Hepburn

This book is a must-read for a silver screen fan, based on the life of talented and alluring Katherine Hepburn. The book unwraps her private life, struggles and her relationship with Spencer Tracy. The life story of the four times Academy Award Winner is interesting and fun to read.

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