There is no doubt that one enjoys reading a good love story. It is always hard to get over a romance novel easily without a drop of tear in the eye. Romance novels glitter the world around you, making you feel special and overwhelmed with the story.

They give you a beautiful ride in the world of lovely couples, love, loss and recovery. They keep you awake whole night because they are not easy to put down and sometimes fast paced as well.

Here is a quick list of some amazing romance novels, some classics and some contemporary that you should not miss reading in 2018:


1. Eleanor and Park By Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell through her young characters reminds of the first love which is hardly meant to last. The story captures the life of two teens, completely different from each other and their desperate efforts to last their love for each other.



2. Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon

A heart-melting story of two teens, with one named Madeline suffering from SCID because of which she is trapped inside, unable to step outside for even a single minute. One day, she meets Olly and begins to fall in love with him without considering the consequences.



3. The truth about Forever By Sarah Dessen

A compelling story of Macy, a broken girl and sudden changes with which she is able to bring her life back to normal. With her boyfriend away at the brain camp, her summer is meticulously planned with a couple of things to do. Then she comes across Wes, extremely artistic and smart makes her feel soothing and happy. A fast page-turner about love, comfort, grief and friendship.



4. All The Light  We Cannot See By Anthony Doerr


All The Light We Cannot See is a novel worth reading. It is truly a blissful and a splendid novel. Set in the backdrop of the World War 2, the story about Marie and Werner is breathtaking. Marie, a blind girl living with her father and Werner, an orphan who is astonishingly talented in science and can fix up anything. Both of them come across, against all ups and downs, they are still caring and good to each other.