Though we don’t get to see Twinkle Khanna much on silver screen as we used to, she never fails to impress us! If not by acting, then by her sense of humour; subtle yet witty.

There are reasons why she is called ‘Ms. Funnybones’ or we’ll give you 10 among those!


  1. About men and directions. *sigh*



2. About India’s women centric rituals and traditions.



3. About plastic beauties and Botox.



4. About her take on relationships.



5. About being superstitious.



6. How she’s handling the middle age



7. And of course, India’s ‘absurd’ way to deal with life.



8. Taxation on sanitary pads? Who wasn’t upset about this? Oh! The government.



9. Well, Welcome to India, Twinkle! (We get you)



10. About sanskaari saari and not so sanskaari friends.



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